We Hit Times Square!!!

Victor Lopez Jr., the founder of What Hoboken Sounds Like, acknowledges the missteps in his life but remains steadfast on his chosen path, determined never to falter. He finds solace in the belief that no amount of rain can dim his shine as long as a higher power supports him. Victor dedicates this achievement to Hoboken, emphasizing its significance. Although it may seem like a small feat to some, Victor takes immense pride in knowing that he can make it happen at his fingertips. Proud not only of himself but also of the growth and collective achievements, Victor reflects on the journey. Despite initial skepticism about his initiative, Victor's determination, as the founder, has brought them to the prominent stage of Times Square. A noteworthy side note underscores Victor's commitment to action, highlighting that he delivers on his promises. This accomplishment stands as an inspiring testament, encouraging others to believe in the possibility of achieving their goals. The success resonates with the distinctive sound of Hoboken, thanks to the vision and efforts of its founder, Victor Lopez Jr.

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