Unveiling the Inaugural 'Summer Blockfest! Our first festival!

Embarking on the journey from the modest beginnings of "What Hoboken Sounds Like" in April 2021 to this momentous occasion has truly showcased the collective strength of our community!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for August 19th as we proudly unveil the "Summer Blockfest" – the inaugural festival in Hoboken, NJ celebrating the vibrant culture of Hip Hop music within our great city! A heartfelt shoutout to my exceptional team whose dedication has paved the way for this significant milestone. Together, we are poised to create something truly extraordinary!

This event answers the city's question of what it's been missing—a community uniting to make a substantial impact on our city's landscape. A big thank you to the city for granting us the opportunity to showcase our capabilities, and the utmost gratitude to the higher power for showering us with blessings like never before! 🙏

Stay tuned as we share detailed information about vendors, sponsors, and more.

It's time to stir up the city! Location: 770 Jackson St. Hoboken, NJ Start Time: 2 pm End Time: 7 pm

Captured and edited by @whyarefilms

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