Unity Beyond Courts: Hoboken's Triumph Against Gun Violence – A Tribute to Christopher Garcia


This event has become an integral part of our city's rich history! On Sunday, July 9th, we congregated to organize one of Hoboken's largest basketball tournaments, a tribute to Christopher Garcia who tragically lost his life in this very area. The resounding message is clear – even during our most challenging moments, as a community, we must unite to prevent such tragedies from recurring. Despite our community often being unfairly labeled as the worst part of town, this event exemplifies how love can transform perceptions. Christopher embodied this love, demonstrating that regardless of one's Hoboken origins, we are all one!

The 3rd annual @vailstones X @streetfriendss tournament commenced with kids' games, followed by adult games drawing hundreds in attendance, surpassing the significance of the previous year. Our gratitude extends to sponsors, donors, volunteers, photographers, videographers, and more for making this event possible. Over 28+ sponsors from across the city contributed, overcoming an 80% chance of rain to reach the thrilling final games, which we plan to conclude soon.

Don't miss the exclusive visual highlight reel by @iron.manda_, featuring clips from @whyarefilms, @tatowiththecamerallc, @espo_visuals, and @milesquaremommies. Stay tuned for additional photos/videos from @official_saintt, @zayfilms4, @roberto_rosa3rd, @shot.by.spray, and more to come!

Once again, a sincere thank you to all! Chris, we hope we made you proud!!! #vailstones #streetfriends #whathobokensoundslike

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