Tareek “Od Reek” Montague's Ascension as Director of Cultural Affairs

This past weekend marked an inspiring and incredible experience for Tareek “Od Reek” Montague, the newly appointed "Director of Cultural Affairs" at @whathobokensoundslike. Grateful for the opportunity to join a thriving team, Od Reek expresses appreciation for the curated "Summer Blockfest," a groundbreaking event highlighting Hip-Hop, R&B, and the Art Culture within the community. The event provided a successful debut for Od Reek's brand, @4l_brand, as a vendor/pop-up, surrounded by like-minded businesses. Gratitude is extended for the unmatched support and endless conversations.

A special moment unfolded as Od Reek took the stage as a closing performer for the first time in five years, making it a cherished memory, especially performing in front of their little sister and nephew. The hope is that everyone enjoyed the set at this memorable event.
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