The Summer Blockfest: A Recap of How We Made History in Hoboken!

As the organization behind @whathobokensoundslike, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for witnessing the evolution of a once simple idea into a profound reality. In just a year since its inception, our vision materialized into a full-fledged event, drawing over 700 attendees and creating history as the inaugural Hip-Hop and R&B festival in Hoboken.

From our founder's perspective, praise goes to a higher power for providing strength during moments of doubt. Countless days and sleepless nights, collaborating with our dedicated team and partners, were invested in designing, promoting, and creating sets for artists. This achievement is a testament to the collective faith and teamwork within our organization.

The event served as a compelling demonstration of the positive impact that can be made on our city. Special thanks are due to Hoboken, the Oem staff, and the police for enabling the unfolding of this historic event, marking the 50th year of Hip-Hop.

Our gratitude extends to the incredible DJs, @djdugspin & @bripee07, and the talented host, @meny_myndz.

A sincere acknowledgment is given to the vendors who took a significant leap of faith, believing in our project's potential to highlight diversity. The overwhelming turnout exceeded expectations, and we sincerely thank Hoboken for its unwavering support and love.

Our appreciation extends to all the performers, including @chaseland201, @pootie______, @oneshotonce, @kyyinthecut, @phatrob310, @reallucaso_g3_, @dopeboidrew, @harlemcam, @od_reek, @bigbossgunner_, @rara2wavy, @indigosmorale333, @mp14._, @b.more24, @njpaperchaser, @automatic_mula, @jonboiiera, @mr.deranged, @general__ace, @angeloctaves, @richdoublem, @jaynadestinyx, and @sorhoboken, for their outstanding performances.

A big thank you is extended to all sponsors, as their support was crucial for making this event possible. Sponsors include @wowkidscenter, @thegreenroomnj, @sorhoboken, @hobokenalliance, @hive.athletic, @glugeth_pierguidi, @spinesportshealthcenter, @tommy_the_detailer, @fitfoundryhoboken, @elite_bully_collective_nj, @bethlehemlg (The Gregory Family), @dr.michaelrussonj, and @emilyhobokenmom.

Special thanks for additional clips go to @hobokenfamilies and @nneighbors_.

Performance Recap by Tato WithTheCamera

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