Hoboken’s Hip-Hop Triumph: Statewide Spotlight in the Jersey Journal and NJ.com – The Summer Blockfest

What an incredible morning and afternoon it has been! We're thrilled to share that we've been featured statewide in the Jersey Journal, and you can find the full-page spread on page 8. Special thanks to @jimjbeat for giving us the opportunity to showcase the history we're on the verge of making.

Exciting news continues as we're also featured on NJ.com! Make sure to check out the coverage there.


Join us tomorrow as we celebrate not only our first festival but Hoboken’s inaugural Hip Hop & R&B festival! The event, taking place at 770 Jackson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030, from 2 pm to 7 pm, promises an unforgettable experience with over 40 vendors offering food, art, clothing, and more.

Enjoy live music by @djdugspin & @bripee07, hosted by @meny_myndz. The lineup includes phenomenal performances by @chaseland201, @pootie______, @oneshotonce, and many others. Special thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible.

You won’t want to miss this historic celebration! #whathobokensoundslike #summerblockfest

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