Breaking Beats: Celebrating DJ Bripee's Phenomenal Rise and Uniting Communities Through Music

We just want to say how proud we are of our DJ - @djbripee as she's been killing the scene locally and more. From what started as a rookie year for her last year to headlining Hoboken's first Hip Hop Festival (Our @summerblockfest) to taking numerous bookings all across the county! It was indeed a breakout year for Bripee!

DJ Bripee is devoted to uniting people through a profound love for music. With roots embedded in a Dominican upbringing, music has been an integral part of Dj Bripee’s life. The party never ceases as long as there’s music playing. Each day, music serves as a lifeline, bringing joy and purpose. DJ Bripee is committed to making others smile and dance by simply pressing play, a daily mission to spread love through the power of music.

Make sure you book her for your next event and more! Now that's #whathobokensoundslike
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