A Harmonious Horizon: Meet the Visionary Board of 'What Hoboken Sounds Like'

Two years ago today, the visionary founder Victor conceived an idea to transform the city by championing unrecognized talent and dismantling prejudices. After investing two years into this initiative, Victor is excited to present the legal and authorized board members.

First on the introduction list is the Vice President and spouse, Amanda Dale-Lopez, who played a pivotal role in the brand's ongoing success. Amanda, skilled in advocacy, graphic design, marketing, blogging, and administration, has been indispensable to the business. She has future plans to establish her presence in Hoboken's growing food industry.

Next in line is Taina Dale, the sister-in-law, and a former @cheerdynamicsallstars alumna, currently attending university. Taina has volunteered for the city's recreational cheer team and aspires to contribute to various non-profit events throughout Hoboken.

The third introduction goes to Anthony "Chaseland" Frazier, a rap artist, entrepreneur, and advocate who aligns with Victor's vision of changing societal perspectives. Known for his witty lyrical style without explicit language, Anthony aims to contribute to the brand's musical expansion.

The fourth spotlight falls on Mike “@vailstones" Singleton, a passionate clothing brand owner, entrepreneur, and Hoboken Redwing Alumni. His community contributions include organizing yearly basketball tournaments and summer leagues for the youth. Mike has ambitious plans to make significant strides in the city's fashion and sports industry.

The fifth introduction features Ray "6 Borough" Maldonado, one half of the dynamic @the6borough clothing brand and a Hoboken Redwing Alumni. Actively involved in community-driven events, Ray hosts basketball tournaments in honor of a lost friend. With aspirations to expand his presence in Hoboken's sporting industry, Ray is a formidable force.

Acknowledgments are extended to @whynotwhyare & @tatowiththecamerallc for their contributions to this historic moment. Special thanks are reserved for senior advisors @iam4cg & @garciasquared for their invaluable guidance. #whathobokensoundslike

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