2023 Recap

With gratitude to the resilient city that couldn't break him, Victor Lopez Jr. extends his heartfelt thanks! The year 2023 marked not only personal growth but also etched its place in history.

Victor expresses his immense gratitude to his dedicated team for embarking on this journey with him, and above all, to the divine presence guiding them. As they step into 2024, anticipate something truly extraordinary!

Special appreciation goes to the exceptional DJs, @djdugspin & @bripee07, who graced their events with their music, and their festival host, @meny_myndz. A sincere thank you to all the vendors who participated in their inaugural festival!

Victor extends his gratitude to the talented photographers who brought their vision to life this year - @whyarefilms, @tatowiththecamerallc, @zayfilms4, @espo_visuals, @roberto_rosa3rd, @w.o.p.almighty, @dairen.coto.

A big thank you to the 28+ sponsors who played a crucial role in honoring Christopher Garcia at the @vailstones x @streetfriendss tournament this year!

His heartfelt appreciation goes to the performers who made history at their @summerblockfest - @chaseland201, @pootie______, @oneshotonce, @kyyinthecut, @phatrob310, @reallucaso_g3_, @dopeboidrew, @harlemcam, @od_reek, @bigbossgunner_, @rara2wavy, @indigosmorale333, @mp14._, @b.more24, @njpaperchaser, @automatic_mula, @jonboiiera, @mr.deranged, @general__ace, @angeloctaves, @richdoublem, @jaynadestinyx, and @sorhoboken.

Special thanks to the sponsors and advocates who shaped their festival - @wowkidscenter, @thegreenroomnj, @sorhoboken, @hobokenalliance, @hive.athletic, @glugeth_pierguidi, @spinesportshealthcenter, @tommy_the_detailer, @fitfoundryhoboken, @elite_bully_collective_nj, @bethlehemlg (The Gregory Family), @dr.michaelrussonj, @emilyhobokenmom, @pattywaiters & @trimhoboken.

Additional thanks to @rubenjr1973, The Hoboken Fire Department & @8thfloorsound for their generous support.

A big shoutout to media outlets that covered their stories - @thehobokengirl, @tapintohoboken, @hiphopsince1987, The Patch, @thepulsewithpeterb, @hobokenfamilies, and last but not least, @jimjbeat of @njdotcom (The Jersey Journal) for believing in them and featuring them statewide across every newsstand in the tristate area!

Special thanks for additional clips by @hobokenfamilies, @nneighbors_, @w.o.p.almighty.

This is What Hoboken Sounds Like, as Victor Lopez Jr. and his team reflect on the gratitude and achievements of the past year!


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